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AVVVoid Anti-Art Algorithms

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Poster @ Hornsgatan in Stockholm

Releasing SdVVVorks

With a foundation firmly rooted in the performing arts and informed by over two decades of experience, we have founded SdVVVorks; a label that acts as a catalyst for unforeseen artistic collaborations, strengthens the relation with our audience while introducing new ways of engaging with our art.

Things have been moving quickly. I was thinking about creating a new label with Sara de Vylder as late as this January and now we're releasing the beginning of a beautiful mashup were our local Stockholm audience meet Ethereum OP Stack and Base and vice versa in the most VVVeird and fun way. We come from performing arts but have been experimenting in the intersection of blockchain, Web3 tools and the performing arts ecosystem for almost 8 years now. We're still sooooooooo early but this time around we're putting all focus on audience development and building long term relations locally, within the international performing arts sphere and Web3 community.

The Sphere: Digital Soul Searching

In the past when we initiated The Sphere back in 2017 we tried to onboard performing arts loVVVers from all over Europe which became an amazing seed for a new way of producing and financing contemporary circus and performing arts. We will release the book "Digital Soul Searching" on our website today, paired with IYK NFC chips that connects each of teh 300 books with an NFT. Thanks a lot for all support lovely IYK people. This book is a great way to get familiar with a peculiar and brilliant project that is entering a new phase in this very moment. Kick ass Erik, Lene, Pedro, all the artists, etc!

Core Squad, Collabs and Releases

So what are we DOING now!? Do we even know!? Enjoy the unknoVVVn! WAGMI! HaVVVe fun! We are proposing something that is completely new for us. First of all we have invited five brilliant artists to our core squad to be SdVVVorks with us. Jay Gilligan, Henrik Agger, Louise Bjurholm von Euler-Chelpin, Methinee Wongtrakoon, Simon Wiborn. Performing artists that exist between contexts in many ways. We will co-create a lot of live art happenings that are something between a SUPER SALE, performance, conference and an exclusive membership community.

On top of this we've initiated long term relations with some visual artists we have been loving and collaborating with in the past. In the upcoming month you will see releases together with wiklundwiklund, Anna Nordström, Marcus Price, Untitled Services, Research and Development, and more.

SdVVV Loyalty Group

For our audience and community we're introducing SdVVV Loyalty Group, initially inspired by the Lidl App. This is both a subscription service for people who want to support and enjoy this project and all its outcomes. As a member in our loyalty group you will get points for different bounties that can help you reach new membership tiers with new perks. If you come from the performing arts side of things you will get a soft introduction to Web3 through participating in our happenings, on our website, group chats, etc. If you're a Web3 native art loVVVer you will enjoy unusual gifts, bribes, drops, tickets, travels and strange combination of Hypersub (love it!), Zealy, Paragraph, Farcaster, Telegram, Zora, Degen, Unlonely,, IYK, Snapshot, Stripe, Privy, and more and more and more.

Today we go live with an intention to have a lot of fun over the years to come. We have a lot to learn and we've still got a lot of buidling to do. But we want to inVVVite you to this adventure already now.

SdVVV Loyalty Fund

What didn't I mention? OH! SdVVV Loyalty Fund! We want all revenue to go straight to the artists we collaborate with + our members. A certain % of all revenue will go straight to a common treasury that will be released when it reaches a certain threshold. When that happens a live performance will take place, and more merch, gifts, etc. Initially we're working towards releasing a great happening in Stockholm this fall. If you're from far away...come here! Help us make that happening be worth it! Later on we're very curios to learn how our art can infiltrate different web3 happenings in the world. This upcoming fall we will also let Purpo$e rain over our members. It's amazing to be Purpo$e driven.

One last thing...if you wanna keep up with everything we do. Follow VVVhatever VVVorks! It exists as this newsletter, a podcast and a weekly live stream.

See you on after the release this afternoon CET.


Encrypted & Chainlabs, Research and Development, Roni Kaufman,, Pixel Perfect, Amy Fee and Creative Europe Programme of the European Union! You are amazing!

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