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VVVhat's the point?

VVVe had an amazing release party for SdVVVorks last Thursday. We had invited a small group of people that have been following us and showing interest in our work with live art, Web3 and our gallery space in Stockholm over the last years.

In the best of world our site would have been up and running very smoothly as a part of the relase, but as so often there's a discrepancy between the performing arts relation to a premiere date and the world outside of that tiny bubble. Instead we could focus on the purpo$e and thoughts behind the work we're doing, we could present upcoming art releases, our core squad of artists and the visual identity of the project. There were curiosity and excitement for sure. Plus a lot of bribes gifts!

Also very happy to see our fresh VVVhatever VVVorks T-shirts on stage later the same night!

Marcus Price and Carli @ sthlmaid. Photo: Susanna Tajik

Back to the 01100011011011110110010001100101!

After having deep dived into the world of Farcaster 24/7 in the beginning of the year i started seeing a way forward for truly innovative but still real audience development. Instead of building from scratch I tried to see how we could establish a weird kind of (performing) art label where we could combine our different expressions with builders, creatives and art lovers from the Web3 sphere.

The idea is basically to offer:

  1. A loyalty program for our audience, where points can be used to get free subscriptions, discounts, merchandise, free tickets to live happenings etc.

  2. A subscription service where our audience can contribute to ensure that we can create the art we want while we offer an immense amount of perks.

  3. A common treasury for all members where a large percentage of all revenue lands. When it reaches a predefined threshold a new live art happening will be offered for all members.

  4. Community forums where our members can collaborate on quests, discuss snapshot voting, ask questions, write about vvvhatever.

  5. Podcast, Live Stream and Newsletter built onchain but that can easily be distributed to all audience.

  6. Releases on our art label where we collaborate with a few visual artists, musicians and designers. Here we divide the revenue between the artists and the common treasury according to an agreement with each artist.

  7. Live art happenings locally in Stockholm and Sweden but also opening up to new potential collaborations with events initiated by the Base, OP Stack, Farcaster community .

  8. Release a social token for the performing arts sphere in 2024.

  9. Distill all of the above into clear synergies between existing services and integrate it all on a website and then work full time with it during the upcoming years.

"Now how could it possibly be any issues when building this in a few weeks?" , You might ask. No idea! But we are for very near a proper V1 release now. What we have to stay true to is the low threshold for the people not used to Web3 with all its sexy back and forth between signing wallet, refreshing apps to make them work etc.

We have landed in a solution where our users can create a profile on our website with wallet abstraction. Then there's a possibility to subscribe to our Hypersub on our frontend using fiat or crypto (can't wait for V2 to be released), and then the points for bounties is fetched from and integrated so that the users points are reflected with their profiles. When a certain amount of points are reached, a digital dynamic SdVVVorks Loyalty Group Membership card is granted to the user. When a user with a digital membership card participates in a live art happening the get a physical NFC membership card, which is helpful for the staff to know how many bribes gifts they should get. A blip shows the profile stats.

We release the podcast at, the newsletter here on and our intension is to offer weekly artful live streamed weirdness on

We have also just started exploring and have minted three different artful releases with their chips. As soon as the website is what we want it to be I'm happy to invite all readers to explore our releases. Here I will dedicate one newsletter per release to let you get deeper insight.

As for now we have created the /discovvver channel on Farcaster and a token gated group chat for Hypersub subscribers. Our live audience have not found their way to Farcaster yet but we see those channels as a way to build relations with builders, artists and creatives over time. For our audience Telegram and Discord will be the ways forward (even Discord is a bit too high threshold for many.)

The issues? One hundred million api's braided neatly together to meet a delicate frontend with the art direction by A soon as we're up and running I will send a short newsletter to all of y'all and ask you to create a profile.

Dude Derivative

VVVhat's the point?

We come from performing arts, visual art and contemporary circus. We have been creating performances, exhibitions, festivals etc for over 20 years. The Internet is broken and the social is captivated by anti-art algorithms. We need to find new ways to strengthen the relation with our existing audience and ecosystem as well as reaching new audience and inVVVite and inVVVolve our community in what we do. With an expanded notion of "we".

We want to bring together a curious and devoted group of people to enjoy an exclusiVVVe journey towards reVVVealing the purpo$e of performing arts.

Join us early. We need you and we want to throw heaps of bribes rewards at you and haVVVe fun together with you. Live and async; AFK and digitally.

SdVVVorks Poster

Thanks for reading. Next episode of the VVVhatever VVVorks podcast is out anytime now. It can be found where you listen to pods. (Where still working on solving an issue with apple though. Fixed any day or hour.)


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